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I've got a 2 and a half year old and a 6 month old and would love to meet other families with similar aged kids near by. Anyone for a walk in the cemetery or play at the playground at the top of the Wachuset hill?

Lina Stoia

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We have a 3.75 year old and a one year old. The playground has been quite empty lately, I've noticed. Perhaps it's due to the cold. perhaps we could get a number of kids to come to the park this weekend for a play date en masse.

Weld Hill St.
We're going away for the long weekend too. How about the next? Saturday the 23?
Just seeing this discussion from a loooong time ago, and thought I'd say hi :)
Our son is now 8 months old, just started crawling, and loves going to the playground for the swings. We've been going to the Wachusett playground a couple times a week and never see anyone else there - is there something about that playground that we don't know???

Wenham St.


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