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Did anyone hear any news about the arrest on the roof of the building on the corner of Forbes and Centre streets Tuesday morning around 3 AM?  We watched from the window after being woken up by the police yelling.  It was quite a scene with the fire truck ladder coming in to transport the suspect off the roof, the search behind the building with a chainsaw to cut the fence and the K-9 unit.  I can't imagine people were able to sleep through this.  I am curious to know what happened.

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It's on www.BPDNews.com


My new favorite word: 'burglarious'.  And is the charge any different if it were 'breaking and entering in the day'?


I didn't sleep through it at all. There were 7 cars, the paddy wagon and the giant SUV.  One of those 7 cruisers was the K-9 unit - who didn't stop barking even when they had the suspect in cuffs.  And then the Ladder truck shows up with the Fire Chief not far behind.  At least there wren't too many lights flashing.  


I store my motorcycle in the enclosed lot behind the check casher's store so I wanted to make sure my bike was fine.  What a mess that morning was!  I had trouble falling back to sleep.  They used a chainsaw to cut the fence?  I thought I heard the police say it was already cut open.  I have a key for the lock on the parking lot side, I would have cheerfully opened it for them.


I hope they backcharge the suspect for the amusement park ride in the ladder truck's bucket!


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