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About 20 minutes ago another neighbor of ours was mugged.

He was approached by three males with hoods up who approached him from Paul Gore street. He was mugged at Beecher and Boylston.

He was not talking on his phone nor listening to music. He was wearing a backpack.

He called the police and they responded immediately.


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About a month ago, weren't there also some robberies or muggings around this neighborhood by three males? I'm wondering if it might be the same people. Has anyone gotten a good look at them?
There has been a number of reported incidents by three males in the neighborhood.
I read in the Globe this morning that three males were apprehended after they mugged a woman on Boylston Street last night. Thank you, Boston police, and also thank you to the unknown man who stopped the mugging and notified the police. Yay for neighborhood involvement! And maybe these are the three who have been responsible for the other muggings. Too bad they were released on bail after being arrested.
Here is the link to the article Pat mentioned.
I've contacted the DA office and told them we'd like to explore working with them to create a community impact statement. I'll keep everyone posted.
I would really like to know where the thugs are from (and in general, if there is a pattern of where the past muggers are from). They clearly are not our neighbors (other than by proximity or by ease of access). The police should keep up patrols, but better than that, they need to crack down on the origin/s of where the crime is stemming from (something that the Cambridge police did recently with their sweep of Central Sq). Either that, or we are going to have to revert to our own neighborhood patrols like they do in the South End. The heightened police presence is obviously not working --- as the muggings have become more and more brazen (obviously they have no fear of getting caught). I am angry, frustrated, and quite frankly, embarrassed that our neighborhood is being put in such a negative light.
I think that this would be a perfect time for residents of JP to contact their public officials en masse to let them know of this frustration.
Colleen Keller is Mayor Menino's JP neighborhood coordinator.

John Tobin is our city councilor.

I have personally found John Tobin to be very accessible when approached with neighborhood problems and have had decent success with our neighborhood liaisons as well. I think everybody should be frustrated when for some reason all of the attacks have happened within a tight geographic area...with a lot of them seemingly at times when people are coming home from work via the Stony Brook t-stop.
Just for the sake of clarity, the three males mentioned in the article were arrested two days before the above mentioned mugging on Boylston on 12/ the problem is not resolved.
It does seem like there a a couple of groups of three's out there.


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