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Dear HydeJacksonSouthNeighborhood,

I live on the corner of Centre and Wyman, and just moved in to the neighborhood last month. Initially I thought all those explosions were because of July 4th, but they've kept up, and last night was particularly bad. They're either firecrackers, or they're gun shots, I still haven't figured that out. Does anyone know whether these sounds are gun shots or firecrackers? Any info would be greatly enlightening, thanks!


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Felix, I live on the corner of Wyman and Chestnut, and during the summer, we also hear those sounds. I'm pretty sure they are not gunshots. We hear firecrackers starting in June sometime, and often going on through the summer. Especially when the weather gets warmer, as it has started to.

I know there are occasional gunshots in this part of JP, but not this many--we would hear about it at crime watch meetings, or from the police, or from someone. I think it's just kids, and people who are older in years but still children, who think it's fun to make loud noises and disturb others.

I will be going to a Mozart Chestnut Crime Watch meeting this coming Thursday, and I will ask the question then as well, but when I hear those noises, I might be irritated, but I'm never afraid for my safety.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Pat Roberts
Hi Pat, thanks for the response, and the neighborhood welcome! It might have just been my paranoia, but I thought I heard screams after the one I heard last night, and there were 2 cop cars on Centre in front of the church when I heard this. Again, could be my paranoia.

Are firecrackers that are this loud even legal? Where do they even buy them?
Hey Felix,

Welcome to the neighborhood. What I suggest you do is call 911 each time you hear them. When you do, the Police have to check out the situation. Call's are triaged so you'll never pull an officer away from something else serious that might be going on.

Also, BPD has something called Shot Spotter which detects gun fire. 911 calls that reinforce shot spotter detections are helpful to BPD.

Finally, use the crime reports above the see what has been reported.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Your neighbor,



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