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Hi All,

I am making a suggestion that we change the name our our Neighborhood from Hyde/Jackson south to Stonyside. Most of the neighborhoods in JP has historical names that have been accurately recreated on this site (Thanks JOE!). I did a tiny bit of research and it seems that our neighborhood doesnt seem to have a historical name. I think in order to fit in better with the other name in JP (Pondside, Brookside, Parkside), we should re-name our area Stonyside.

Any takers? Any other suggestions?


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I like it!
I think it might be confusing since there's already a "Stonybrook Neighborhood". Most JP neighborhoods don't have the "-side" suffix.
Matt has a good point - I did not think of that. Years ago when NFN got started our name was actually Stonybrook Neighbors. We changed it when we learned about the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association.

So, I vote not to use stonyside.
I like "Stonyside," but it may not accurately reflect our location near Hyde & Jackson Square. I would rather our name indicate our location rather than just be a scenic-sounding phrase.
I think the advantage to a name like Hyde/Jackson is that it tells people something about where we are located. I'm never exactly sure where the Brookside neighborhood is, even though the Brookside neighbors are famous among us neighborhood crime watch people because they did such a superb job of taking back their neighborhood when it was really bad. And Parkside? I've never heard of it, and I can't imagine where it is, because we have a lot of parks in JP. It is beside which park, exactly? So thanks for putting some effort, Cathy, into trying to make this neighborhood as cool as possible, but I think the name that helps people know where we are is the most useful.


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