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Hey:  Have you riden in Franklin Park? The Forest Hills Cemetary?  If not- of even if yes - I'd be willing to lad a loop ride - that will also hit the Arnold Arboreteum and the JP Pond on the way back.


I'll lead if you want to follow. Let me know.  

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Hi Karen,
When are you thinking about doing this bike ride? I am an avid cyclist and might be interested if I'm around. Thanks, Janet
Hey Janet - Not sure, actually, but will keep you posted. I am generally into getting out latish Saturdays or mid-afternoons Sundays. I'd be happy to just go for a spin impromptu, so write if you are inspired.
Janet: Not sure if you'll get this - but I'm going to be doing this or a similar ride today Sat. June 5 around 3ish (am flex on time). So last minute, but thought you might be interested on joining us.
Great idea, JP Bikes has lots of rides planned for this year, but none exactly like you describe. Join JP Bikes and let's organize it! Please visit and see what we're up to. You can join our mailing list. We haven't been great about posting our activities to NfN, but we certainly aim to do better at that this year. Thanks.
Glad to get help organizing. Can't use your online form tho. I find that lots of people haven't really explored right around our neighborhood, even after living here for years. I've been having fun showing people around by bike, and thought there may be more that would enjoy it too.
Bob: I seem to be getting emails from Is that the list you are talking about? When you say "let's organize" - do you mean you or JP bikes or exactly what?
Yes that email did come from me, and it does mean that you joined our list. As for organizing, I meant me, you, and anyone else that wants to recommend their favorite places to ride. If you have a route in mind, describe it and we can make a group ride out of it. THanks.
I'm inspired!!!! I'm now thinking we could do a Lilac Sunday bike ride that ends at the Arboretuem. it would be a great way to get attention for JPBikes and spark up some energy for more rides this Spring/Summer. ARe you doing any other rides then?

The loop I have taken poeple on, which they always are thrilled with, starts at ULAs, goes over to Franklin Park via bike trail and past Doyles, around the golf course, over to the cemetary zig zags around till I'm done - side exit past Forest Hills T and thru nature trail over to Arboreteum, and loop aroudn the park, out the front entrance and over to the Pond and Back to ULA's. Its about 13 miles, only a few very doable hills, mostly on protected paths (except for the few crossings). Its good because it is simple, it is repeatable, it introduces people to new nearby things to enjoy, and can be changed up as people do it on their own to fit their own interest and schedule.

Please respond sooner than later.
Oh - two more things while I'm inspired. Depending on how we organized it - we could do promotions with others - liek the Arboreteum, ULA's, maybe a bike shop, etc.

But - I would really hope that your group could make sure we had enough good leaders to help a monitor and lead a larger group ride. I've been trained to lead large rides, but I'd want to make sure we had a good rider/leader ratio going.



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