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Hi all!


A year or two ago, in this tree, my husband and I saw a whole flock of cedar waxwings.  I have lived in MA my whole life and had never seen a single one before.  Maybe they were just on a layover on their migration?  Has anyone else seen them in JP?

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Hi Josh

I have never see Cedar Waxwings in person- they look like pretty birds. 

I am an amateur birder and spend lots of time on my back porch in Forest Hills but I see cardinals, sparrows, grackles, baltimore orioles, red winged blackbirds, northern mockingbirds and several wood peckers.  And of course, the predators of the sky, hawks.  patty

Cedar Waxwings are nomads that pass through our area and occasionally nest here.  I have seen family groups in Eastern Mass, especially around Plum Island at the National Seashore. They tend to migrate in flock sized groups, then break up to nest. In the fall, they rejoin a large flock and head south.

There eyes always remind me of some ancient Egyptian eye makeup. Really beautiful birds - you are lucky to have seen them!



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