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Please Support Katie's historic solo Run Across the USA

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WHAT: Katie Visco, a 23-year old Somerville resident, will be hosting a 5K and Food fundraiser for her "Pave Your Lane" solo 9-month Run Across America to commence at the end of March 2009. Katie is running to live her dream, inspire others to follow their passion, and raise awareness and funds for Girls on the Run.

The event will begin at Soldier's Field Playground along the Charles River for a 5K Fun Run. Participants will run from the playground along the Charles River to Veggie Planet, an iconic restaurant in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Veggie Planet has donated an all-you-can-eat buffet for participants, in an effort to support Katie's fundraising efforts.

ATTENDING: More than 60 Boston and New York City area residents of all ages will come together at Veggie Planet. Slightly less than 60 of these of these residents will participate in the 5K Fun Run before Veggie Planet.

WHERE: The 5K Fun Run starts at Soldier's Field Playground (along the Charles River bike path on the south side of the river, about .4 miles west of the Mass Ave. bridge) at 2pm. Veggie Planet is located in Harvard Square at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

WHEN: Saturday, January 31st, 2009 from 2:00 - 4:45pm

Event and Photo Op Schedule

+ 2pm - 5K begins from Soldier's Field Playground
+ 2:45-3pm – 60+ guests and runners arrive at Veggie Planet
+ 3 – 4:15pm – Eating at Veggie Planet
+ 3:15pm - Katie Visco speaks and gives thanks
+ 4:15 – 4:45pm – Wrap up and mingling
+ 4:45pm - Clear out

ABOUT Pave Your Lane:

Pave Your Lane is the title of Katie Visco's 2009 solo Run Across America, from Boston to San Diego. As the youngest female ever to run the 3,200 miles across America, Katie is running to live her dream and inspire and empower people to find their passion, create a plan to embrace it, and run towards it fully! She will stop to speak at schools and with groups about the importance of living a passion-driven life. Her run is also supporting and promoting Girls on the Run, a worthy international charity that empowers young girls through running. Pave Your Lane inspires the pursuit of dreams, and empowers mind and heart-fueled passion and action. By running across America, Katie will exemplify this mantra to the world, shining the light on the importance of following your heart, passions, and dreams.

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