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Hi All,

I'd like to get involved with any area group/training rides that go out from this area. There are a bunch out of Cambridge and I'm pretty sure there must be some around here. Does anyone know of any?


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Hi Breton: there are two longstanding rides that depart from Nahanton Park which is about 4 miles west of the Monument. One ride is on Tuesday evenings and the other on Saturday mornings. For more detail follow the link below:

The Nahanton ride starts at 8:30 on Sat morning- kind of early. We have a few riders usually heading out later on during weekend days and would be interested in adding to the group. I will post a message to this board before our next ride so that you can join us if you'd like.
Excellent! Thanks for the info. I know exactly where that is.

Also, I'm game for the later rides on Saturday as well. Please post or shoot me a message.
I'm game for late Sat rides too --- this one may be rainy - but I'll take a check for later.
Breton, I believe there's a ride that leaves from Ferris Wheels...stop by and ask for the owner (Jeff Ferris) or drop them an email.
Will do. I appreciate your reply.
Hi Breton - Ferris Wheels has group training rides every Tuesday and Thursday morning, leaving from the shop (66 South Street) at 7 am sharp. You can just show up at 7am on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, or you can stop by or call if you need more info: 617-524-2453. Ask for Jeffrey.


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