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They just opened on Center next to Bon Savor at Pond Street!

Check them out and report back.

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It is awesome to have this new store in the neighborhood! I stopped in last night, chatted with the guy there about a particular game and found out they have game nights on Thursdays after 6:30 PM. Seems like a great way to try out different games.
I finally visited JP Comics and Games. I was dragged in there by my daughter, expecting electronic Wizard type games; what a great surprise - they have lots of excellent board and face to face games, outside the Monopoly and Parchesi rut.. I bought SET ( Anyone want to play?

I visited the store a couple of weeks ago but was disappointed by the paucity of children's comics. I guess comics are mostly for adults now. I didn't find the board game selection all that interesting, and hope the selection broadens.

I'm a single mom with a 9 year old. We love board games and would love to meet up with you and your daughter for a game night. If you're interested drop me a line at


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