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The courts are clear and the clocks are turning on Saturday! Anyone want to play in the coming weeks during the evenings?

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I do!  I haven't played in a while so I'm rusty though.

Yes! Though I prefer vollying, not as interested in competitive play. If that interests anyone (and you're not a beginner), let me know. :)

Yay spring!

Hi Steffani, I'm definitely more of a "volly-er" than a competitive player so would love to hit a few balls once the weather improves!


FAB! Let's stay in touch. 617-522-4182 :)
anyone like to play tonight?
I'd love to Robert, if not for this violent, debilitating COLD! Soon! Next week for me, probably. :)

I would but have to work on the network. Boo!

Is anyone interested in playing in the upcoming days/evenings? There should be some dry days among the rainy ones.
I'm out of town this weekend but would definitely be up for playing sometime the following weekend. 
Okay, what about this weekend? It's perfect tennis weather.
I could do Sunday afternoon
Sunday will work. What about 3pm at the courts on Lamartine?


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