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Is anyone interested in hitting some balls around tomorrow?  I can meet to play after 12 by the Stony Brook courts if anyone wants to get some exercise with me!  I'm an intermediate level player...probably 3 or 3.5...I don't really know the ranking system. 

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Hi Sinead! I'd love to play but I am out of town until the 30th. Let me know next time.

Hi Ana,

Too bad...feel free to get in touch when you're back in town and we can find a time to play.

Have a good weekend!
Hi Sinead - I'd love to hit some balls sometime soon. I'd like to get back in playing shape! (not so much now).
If you like to volley more than play games...perhaps next weekend?
Hi Steffani,
If it's nice on Sunday I'd love to hit. Drop me a line if you're up for it!
Have a good week,


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