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OK, so here's where we can discuss the specifics of where/when :)

Some suggestions on locations:
-English High School (artificial turf field, close to Green Street)
-Murphy Playground (grass, close to South Street / Harvest Co-Op)
-The field at the corner of Perkins and the Jamaicaway, ie just off Jamaica Pond
-Downe Field (artificial turf, not technically in JP.)

English High is pretty popular already, and the location means we can hit up Doyles or Fiore's. The Jamaica Pond location is conducive to hitting Centre Street for brunch or hot drinks. Fueling up after being in the cold and running around is important.

As for timing- 10AM?

Once there's some consensus, I can create an "event" here so others will see it, and I can also make a blog posting announcing our first meetup. I'll include a few suggestions on things to bring (water / sports drink, dress with non-cotton layers, cheap thin leather gloves or similar for keeping fingers warm, that sort of thing.)



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10:30 sounds a bit better (just for sake of warmer sun). Location - any. Is there a way to have these forwarded by text to cell do you think? It would be good to get a txt on Sat w/o having to check email.........
Hey Karen- no, I don't think there's any way to do a text notification. I'm hoping to have the location and time settled well before so people can count on it happening. In the future, I could possibly set up something for regulars- I'll see what solutions there are.
I'm in favor of anywhere where there won't be a possible challenge to get space, but I would be surprised if English High doesn't have some space open. I'd be happy to go to any field. -Rebecca
Hi all, sorry for the delay. I've made the event- please RSVP! Not strictly necessary, but helpful.

Let me know if I should make any additions...


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