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Hey all- good news, I've recruited a couple of people from outside NfN.  A coworker and a friend of his, and someone from a pickup game that is on Sundays.  I think Jason (who some of you met at last week's game) may bring his girlfriend- she's looking for a laid-back learning game too.

I've posted this weekend's JP Ultimate meeting - please RSVP!  It's not strictly necessary, but it is helpful.  If people can use it more regularly, we'll have a better idea of how many people are able to come to a particular game.  Also, when you RSVP, it shows up in other parts of the website- so other people on Neighbors For Neighbors who are interested in Ultimate may see our meeting.

Anyway- what sort of things would people like to do?  What did you like or not like about last week's first stab at drills?  I'd like to add in a drill for throwing to a running receiver this week.

Hope to see you this weekend!

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Liked it! Learned a lot. Now there may not be any snow- cool. Whatever you think is best Brett - you the boss.


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