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Hi, We are new to the area and have heard that there are certain shops, banks, and restaurants that are dog-friendly in JP. Is there a list compiled of these places? If not, could someone give me some ideas of where I am allowed to bring my dog in the neighborhood?


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Great question! Let's list all the places and then plot them on a map. Maps are cool.

I'll start.

Beecher Street Park - Between Paul Gore and Boylston.
Based on my experience today...

Boomerangs at 716 Centre St.
Video Underground at 385 Centre St.
On Centre (in the 600 block of Centre St.) might be. The owner, Philip, has a sweet dog, Emma, who he brings in sometimes. The only issue I could see is that many of their products are displayed at tail height, but it can't hurt to ask if you go by.
I checked with On Centre (at 636 Centre St) and they are dog friendly! Unfortunately, Emma passed away earlier this year.
New Leaf Flores at 599 Centre Street. And the owner, Daniel, is wonderful!
Boing! at 667 Centre St.
Both hardware stores on Centre are dog friendly. They keep boxes of treats all over the store.

The Behan pub is dog friendly if it's not too busy (days and most nights except friday and saturday)


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