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Hello Neighbors,


I live in the Forest Hills Street area, near Olmsted and Peter Parley St. Last week I got the fright of my life when I was crossing Forest Hills Street at Olmsted and literally had to dash to avoid being hit by a speeding car. The car did not appear to slow down despite the fact that I had an infant strapped to my chest and was holding my toddler's hand!

It seems to me that there are at least 3 major traffic problems at this end of FH street (generally the stretch between Woodside and Washington): 1) speeding; 2) cars failing to stop at the STOP sign at Peter Parley and FH; and 3) cars turning onto FH from Washington during the hours when it is prohibited.  It seems like it is just a matter of time before someone gets struck by a car.

I have emailed Matt O'Malley about getting some more signage/police presence/speed bumps for the area, but I am wondering if folks here have any other ideas? Also, do other folks find the traffic on FH to be a problem?


Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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There's also the blocking of the intersection of FH and Washington street that traffic headed toward Columbus Ave. causes, people turning right on red from FH when Montebello has a green light, and people speeding down Montebello. There was an accident at Montebello and Haverford last week, but I do not know if speed was a factor. There is a camera at the Wash. & FH intersection now, but I doubt it's to monitor traffic. We've had speed traps on Montebello and they say that people don't speed, they just look fast because the streets are so narrow. It's bad down on Amory at the crosswalk near the brewery too. Someone got hit in the crosswalk a week or two ago. I saw a police officer there once and I thanked him, but that was probably at least a year ago. I always thought carrying my daughter might get sympathy from the drivers, but I guess not! Glad everyone is ok.


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