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I'm really sick of people cutting from the Riverway to South Huntington up Castleton and Bynner Streets. I am a nervous wreck whenever my kids are in the yard. I talked to Councilor Tobin about a speedbump for Castleton, but they are very hard to get approved. Just so everyone in the neighboorhood knows, I'll be contacting the Boston Police to setup a speed trap at the corner of Zamora and Castleton during rush hour.

Yesterday afternoon, I counted no fewer then 25 cars speeding up the street in just under an hour... some going at least 50 by my estimation. So, don't speed up these streets or you will be busted. Thanks.

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James - thanks for sharing your concern. I used to work for Boston Police and the reason they stopped doing speed bumps was because of the damage they do the emergency vehicles as they drive over them.

Also, folks on the streets that do have them from years ago - complain about the noise cars make when the go over them and inevitable scrap or hit (given not so great suspensions).

The good news is the speed traps to do, and so do Slow Down Boston signs Councilor Tobin office once had (I hope they still do). Note, that in most cases - it is neighbors who ALSO happen to speed on the streets - so door knocking and sharing your concern can also have an impact.

If I lived on your street, I make a nice sign that said - Our children play here please slow down.

Hope this helps!
Based on my observations (several rush hour's at this point), I think 95+% of the cars speeding are drivers cutting through from the Riverway to South Huntington to avoid traffic at the other intersections. Two or three of the worst speeders I've seen multiple times and I think they cut through this street as a matter of habit. If I see a neighboor speeding down Castleton (I haven't yet), I'll go talk to them, trust me :) Even getting a speed trap set for one or two days to convince these people to either slow down or use one of the main streets/intersections will make a big difference I think.
The other thing you can do is get the license plate number for repeat offenders - or anyone speeding and call 911. Also, I'd touch base with Sgt. Eric Krause who has a profile on the network and is a good guy -

And Colleen Keller our awesome Neighborhood Coordinator -

To be clear in terms of approaching your neighbors - my suggestion is to approach ALL of them on your street and present this as EVERYONES problem.
Oh, yeah, that makes sense.
What's the best time to have a cruiser there?
Hi there, sorry I didn't see your response sooner!

The best time is definitely in the afternoon during rush hour- between probably 4-6PM. Right now the city is doing work paving the street- once that is complete it will be a nice race track and the first Friday afternoon after the paving is done would be ideal.
Captain Greland,
I watched Castleton street each morning the past week. Based on this analysis, I can basically guarantee at least 5 speeding tickets from 7:30-8:30AM (minmum each morning, on Monday last week it was more like 10). I had my wife speed down the street to get a feel for how fast they need to go by my driveway to a house down the street and I estimate the cars are going 50mph in what should be a 25, some considerably more.

So 7:30A-8:30A Monday is probably the best time. There are at least 4 habitual users/offenders that I'd be glad to give you a list on.



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