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Comment by David W. on November 9, 2012 at 2:02pm
Wednesday night at 9:00p.m. a friend of ours, Sue W. was mugged on the corner of Paul Gore & Danforth Street. 
In attempts to get back some of the stolen items here is a list of the contents of her bags. 
They could be potentially ditched in the neighborhood of Stoneybrook T-stop, Green Street or Forest Hills Station.  Police has some information that there was a car that the mugger got into and that they were let out at Forest Hills T-stop. 
Most of the electronics, etc. I am sure are most likely lost. But if any of the bags or clothes are spotted, it would mean a lot to Sue. 
Thank you
  1. small black nylon back packmac book air in a black thule case, iphone 4 in a heavy morphie pro black case, American passport in bright pink plastic passport cover, mouse gray leather 3" X 8" pouch: 3 credit cards under Sue Waller, social security card, zip lock bag with business cards, transparent mesh make up bag with 3 BIG chunky silver rings, black jersey hand made clothing. mac charger & phone charger, Vintage Alexander McQueen Sunglasses in gray case, Smith gray sunglasses in black case.  
  2. Black miniature hardshell suitcase on rollers: clear plastic bag with black and darkly colored cotton & silk jersey hand made clothing.  These are Sue's own creations, and irreplaceable.  
Identifiable with many hand stitched pleats.  These are the things the criminal would not be interested and would potentially ditch. It would mean a great deal to Susan if any of these were retrieved.  Some articles of clothing were unfinished with pins in them. 
2. Small curved sewing scissors with a magnet chicken. 
3. Mail: addressed to Sue Waller  
3. Medium sized black nylon duffle bag: 
Small black down vest
Misc. black and dark gray clothing, mostly cotton jersey, some handmade with pleats and cutouts
2 pair leather pants inside out and folded. Black and gray.
pair black high heeled shoes, brand new
Various hair and beauty products 
Cannon camera in black case 

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