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Policies & Guidelines


The following Community Guideline is designed to ensure a valuable, productive, and respectful experience for all members. NFN moderates this network in support of these Guidelines.

Below are the actions we take and the spirit in which we take them!

Traditions: The actions we regularly take
Norms: The spirit in which we take actions
  • We are respectful
  • We are appreciative
  • We encourage each other
  • We hold each other accountable
  • We support each other
  • We celebrate each others commitment and accomplishments 
  • We think before we contribute and respond
In addition:
  • We use real names, first name and last initial at a minimum (Joseph P.)
  • We upload profile pictures so we recognize each other when we see each other in the neighborhood
  • We fill out our profile questions as they will help each other connect and learn about each other. Fill out as much as your are comfortable with 
     To edit your name or profile questions go to your profile settings
  • We spread the word about NFN by inviting our neighbors, friends, nonprofit coordinators, elected officials, and local law enforcement to join us.
  • If we want to cross post content from another site with either add a status update with a link or an excerpt as a group discussion or blog posts if there are no applicable groups.
We do not:
  • Spam people by posting the same message or messages outside this Guideline on multiple people walls or multiple platform features
  • Excessively criticize an idea/person. Constructive debate is good. Name-calling or insulting, libel, and slander are no good and will result in content deletion and possible suspension from the network
  • Post inappropriate photos or links
Moderation & Deletion:
  • We encourage and feature content that fits the purpose of this network
  • We reserve the right to delete or moderate content that does not follow these Guidelines 


  • All content must be family-friendly and respectful of all neighbors (including all persons protected by federal and state anti-discrimination laws).
  • If you have an issue with the behavior of an individual or group and wish to discuss it on our networks, you must refer to the individual or group in a respectful manner and not be demeaning or derogatory in any way.
  • Report all criminal and suspected criminal activity directly to the police by calling 911 or going to your local police station. You may not post criminal accusations about an individual or group of individuals on our networks.
  • We reserve the right to delete any content at our discretion that we feel in not in the best interests of the community.
  • Generally, If you violate this policy, your content will be deleted, and a message will be sent to you by one of our network administrators, and you will be banned from our networks.


  • Membership: Anyone is welcome to join and contribute content. Currently, we are approving all members before they join the network to weed out spammers who have been abusing the platform on which we operate.
  • Content: We are current not approving Blogs Posts, Blog Post Comments, Forum Discussions, Forum Discussion Replies, Groups, Group Discussion, Group Discussion Replies, Group Comments, Photo’s, Photo Comments,  Video’s, Video Comments,  Status Updates, nor Wall posts.
  • All content held accountable and moderated as need in accordance with our Content Policy above.


  • Neighbors for Neighbors will never share any of the personal information you’ve shared about yourself on your profile with any outside individual or any organization. The only people who have access to this information are the Neighbors for Neighbors organizers, the network creator, and network administrators. Neighbors for Neighbors does reserve the right to use information about membership in general such as gender or average age for purposes such as program development and fundraising. Neighbors for Neighbors also follows the guidelines set up by the network platform’s (NING) terms of use and privacy policy.

Use by Elected Officials:

  • Elected officials may create profiles and contribute content. 

Use by Candidate For Public Office:

  • Candidates may create profiles and contribute content

Use by Businesses for Promotion of Products and Services:

  • Local Businesses may create profiles and participate in the spirit of community. They may post an introductory post about their business informing members about the services and products they offer, but we ask that they do not use this as an advertising forum. 
  • Affiliate marketing businesses are strictly prohibited.

Got questions or suggestions? Leve them below. 


Guideline History:

This page was last updated on 4/16/2013.


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