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Abandoned beautiful friendly cat needs a friendly home who cares for their pets!

I live in Roslindale in a pet friendly environment. We had a convenient store up the street called BUSTOFFS the owner sold the store and left his friendly, beautiful cat behind (apparently he was not a pet friendly owner)!
This little guy followed me to my patio where I fed him and he was HUNGRY. This little guy sits across the street from the store in hopes his owner will pick him up. I have seen this cat for sometime and know his owner will never come back for him. He needs a home PLEASE HELP! We have a few pets and can not take in another pet my heart goes out to this kitty I call Ruffes :-(

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Comment by Mildred Gonzalez on June 3, 2014 at 3:13pm

I just realized after two years that I never mentioned this beauty being cared by an AMAZING person with a BIG heart.
Ruffes is doing great in his new, caring and loving home!!!

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