Neighbors for Neighbors

Do stuff with and for your neighbors

Pay it forward, neighbor!

Neighbors for Neighbors operates on a annual budget of $3,000.00 which covers the costs of operation, promotion, and events. Since our inception in August of 2004, together we've introduced over 3,000 neighbors, created 72 social groups/community projects generating over 6,000 hours of community service and engagement. We've also referred hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of dollars to local community groups, neighbors in need, and non-profits.

To support our ongoing service to each other and our community, please make a donation now:

Creating a group here on the NFN, JP Organizing Network for your business or organization? Please make a $25 donation by clicking on the link below.

To take advantage of our deal at Mike's Fitness, make a $15 donation below, print a copy of your receipt and bring it to Mike's Fitness to save of $84 on your annual membership.

To make a donation to support Beecher Park click the button below.

If you are interested in making a larger donation or have further questions please call the Executive Director, Joseph Porcelli at 857-222-4420 or email him at jporcelli (at) Thanks again!

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