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I'm sick of cleaning my own house. Anyone have a good maid/cleaning service that they like?

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We have used a fantastic house cleaner for many years! It is a family business and she is eager to take on more clients. Since she doesn't have a website, I don't want to post her information on the Internet, but please email me ( and I would be glad to give you her contact information
We have a fantastic cleaner, Carlos Perez. He is very reasonably priced and does a truly amazing and completely professional job. He's so thorough, he does things like clean the inside of the toaster oven, washes dog nose prints from all windows, and notices all sorts of details that need doing. He lives in JP, btw. I can't recommend him highly enough. Here's his phone number: 978-239-9275. I know he just switched numbers so if, for some reason, that doesn't work, then try this one: 781-632-1118. (I have both in my phone and not certain which is the right one.) Best, Laurie Lindop


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