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Hello - I live on Tower St and my car was "egged" on Saturday night and I am wondering if this happened to anyone else. We got back in the evening and, unfortunately, the only spots that were available had space savers in them. We are in the "don't use space savers after 48 hours" camp, so although we have dug out a spot after every snow storm, I don't use a space saver it there unless I have to go somewhere the same day. Given that the last snow storm was Wed, we moved the space saver that was directly in front of our home. When we came down in the morning several eggs had been thrown at the car. I'm just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience on Sat. night. I'm trying to decide if this was random vandalism or if it was a reaction to the "space saver tensions" that are going on. I don't want to jump to conclusions if this was just kids being stupid but I didn't see any damage to any other cars on the street; however, it is possible I missed something.  Did anyone else have their car vandalized on this weekend?

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I just received an email from a friend who had her tires slashed on Paul Gore street last night. I think people should do a better job of shoveling out street spots and then the whole space saver thing would be a non-issue.  It's kind of ridiculous this year.  And yeah, it's been over 48 hours... maybe people aren't aware of that "rule" or something.  If I move a space saver (and I probably will at some point), I'm going to leave a note on the space saver explaining the 48-hour rule in a friendly way to avoid retribution. I've shoveled out many spots and I get annoyed at people taking them or parking horribly all winter, but I'd never vandalize their car like that.
The air was let out of my tires last night on Orchard Street. I was parked one house down from where I normally park because the street is a mess but there was no marker and the last storm was a week ago! These people really need to grow up. There has been a car deserted in front of my house since January and I have somehow avoided vandalizing it. I understand people are frustrated, but I have done just as much shoveling as they have and I don't deserve to pay for roadside assistance and be late for work just for parking on my own street. I wish the city would amp up the snow removal on the side streets, we need the relief too.
We need to help everyone understand about the 48 hour rule.  We also need the city to help with informing the public of this rule.  I had a neighbor that I really like get upset last night over a spot and they did not know of the rule.  I am so tired of this.  I am sorry that people are egging cars and letting the air out of the tires.  So un-neighborly : (
yeah... i kind of want to leave notes on people's markers now so they know they aren't supposed to be leaving them.  Something needs to happen - better shoveling and less hostility.  Even people removing markers need to be nicer about it.  Someone just said in a Paul Gore email chain: "Shovel out just a bit more thatn "your share" and we wouldn't have this problem."  - So true!
It's not just poor shoveling that's the problem though. On my street, it's tough to find a spot in the summer. Really, the city needs to draft a letter informing people not to save spaces (i.e. dump crap in the street), and it needs to enforce the removal of dumped items. I can't believe people are still saving spaces 2 weeks after the storm. I even saw a saver in a spot that *I* shoveled out! It's obscene.
i know someone who had the exact experience in the brookside neighborhood a few weeks ago.  she moved a space saver 5 days after the storm and found her car egged in the morning.  interesting that retaliation seems to be a common response to "stealing" a space.  i think it also suggests that the 48-hour rule (the mayor's idea) carries little weight though it is official city policy.  it's more a function of too many cars and the policy of the street (or from a different perspective, too few parking spaces caused by the remaining snow which has a will of its own and has stuck around longer than city policy dictates)

Remember the 48 hour rule is only an agreement between the city DPW and the person with the cone regarding taking the cone off the street. It's somewhat impossible for the city to enforce anything otherwise, you can't really ticket a chair saving a spot. Someone could use a cone year-round and egg people's cars for taking it.


I mean, JP did have a crazy vigilante guy a few years back who would do all sorts of things to people's cars because he thought they weren't parking "correctly."


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