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FOUND: Hat, Gloves (Green Street/Centre Street/Longwood Avenue)

I found a purple winter hat the other day on Green Street.

And of course, more gloves, including a huge mitten that must have a partner.

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Hi Dan
By chance did you find a pair - a complete pair of light brown suedy kind of gloves back in December... Probly not but never hurts to ask. I left them by a billboard on Sedgewick Ave.
Hey, Diane, I checked my stash, and nothing matched that description.I found 3 brown leather/suede gloves,none of which matched each other and all of which seemed dark brown, not light brown. Sorry.
Thanks for Checking!!! An interesting idea an online check in for lost goods. Wonder how many matches will be found for these hapless goods! Warm wishes Diane
Is it a huge black mitten that looks like a boxing glove? If so, it's mine!

If not, does it look like it could match anyway?!!
Sorry, Lauren, nothing I saw matched that description. I finally got around to photographing all of the gloves, so you can look for yourself at:

Let me know if any of these look like they might be yours.




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