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Can anyone help point me in the right direction? We are both young professionals, she is in Nursing school and works full time in the health care industry. I work in town for a Commercial P&C Brokerage, and we both rely heavily on public transportation during the week. We are both extremely reliable tenants with references, good credit and proof of income. What we are looking for is a 1 bedroom located in Roslindale/ Jamaica Plain for ≤ $1,200/ month for June 1st., the only stipulation is that it have a washer/dryer on the property/ in unit. Thanks for reading. John

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I'd give JP Rentals a call. 

I second the JP Rentals recommendation.  We love the place they showed us.  (Actually, we loved both placed they showed us.  Had trouble choosing!)  I'll add, though, that when we were looking last year, most of the June weren't being listed until later late Feb or March/April. 


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