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Hello all,

A friend and I saw the aftermath of a mugging tonight near 62 Boylston (about 100 yards from City Feed).  Victim was wearing headphones, mugged by three black males who stole his iPhone.  Be aware of your surroundings and be careful.

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Thank you for informing us.

Let's look out for ourselves AND our neighbors by being aware of our own surroundings when we're walking and also making thieves know that they won't get away with that garbage in our neighborhood. Last year there was a spate of muggings in that same area and we took to the streets. Neighbors on Boylston hung out on their porches, saying hello to folks walking home (and probably some a-holes looking to steal iPhones, kindly letting them know they were watching them). I think there were also mobile group "patrols" along with an increased police presence. Joseph, do you remember the details of this? And can we start it up again? I'd be willing to get some walking in on these temperate evenings.


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