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Hi all,

My partner and I moved to Jamaica Plain a few weeks ago for a post-doc position that he got in the Longwood Medical area. I am a full-time self-employed musician, and I am interested in meeting other music and theatre people in the area. We moved from Los Angeles, where I was born and raised. I spent the last 10+ years working in the musical theatre industry in L.A., and I'm hoping to do the same here in Boston. I am also a pianist/accompanist and voice instructor & coach. You can check out my website: Would love to meet some new people around here! We really love JP so far, it seems like such a great area!

-Steven Jones

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Welcome to the neighborhood Steven!

There's SO MUCH good music in Boston, I hope you have a great time. I'm not a "music or theatre person" more of a music and theatre consumer. Jamaica Plain is a great place to live. (Although the winter might be a bit trying for an LA native! Check out the New England Conservatory's concert series, it might be a great place for you to make contacts, and they have really talented people all the time, and for free!

If you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar, virtually or otherwise, just drop a line!
Hey Kendra!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. We are super happy to be here! We really love JP! (though we may not be singing that same tune in December, haha!) Everyone has been so friendly! Thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely check out the New England Conservatory's concert series. I'm also doing some part-time music work at the Boston Conservatory. There are so many great Conservatories and Universities in this area, I love it! What do you do?

A nice way to network is to come to open mic on mondays at the alchemist, lots of musicians and artist from the jp area, and all of them are very cool , not just saying because I own the place but in 1 night you could meet 30 musicians from singer song writers, to celloist etc, just a thought thats all
That's great. Thanks for the tip! I actually live just two short blocks from The Alchemist. Had no idea about open mic night, but now that I do, I will surely stop by soon.


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