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I just received an email of a reported (unconfirmed) incident of a Coyote eating a Cat from Sheridan Street on Paul Gore Street last week. According to the email, Animal Control responded. This is all the information I have. 

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Any more info on this story?  If the coyote sighting in Hyde Square is confirmed, I'd like to let my cat-owning neighbors know.  Many thanks.

Coyote have emptied the Custer/Goldsmith and Ballard St. neighborhoods of our longstanding feral cat population and killed many outdoor pet cats over the last four years. Older cats are most vulnerable, some cats have better coyote smarts than others regardless of age. We have urban coyotes patrolling the JP neighborhoods, they are aware of garbage pickup days and work the sidewalk trash the night before pickup. Boston and JP residents have to face the reality that suburban and rural Massachusetts residents have been dealing with for a long time: coyotes are here to stay. JP folks should not be letting their smaller pets (cats and small dogs) run free or unsupervised at night.


Approximately 6-7 years ago a pair of coyotes denned in the leaf composting site off American Legion Highway opposite Boston Nature Center, their young and following generations are totally urban adapted and now forage thoughout the JP area. They have a big range so they can cover a huge area in one night of patrolling. All JP neighborhoods are subject to their visits. It's worth putting garbage out on the morning of collection rather than the night before to reduce food sources for them. In my neighborhood coyotes have been observed with cats in their jaws, hoping over fences into yards, digging under porches where regular feral cats hang out etc. Primarily active at night but during the winter (when food is harder to come by) have been observed walking down streets in broad daylight. I personally have nothing against coyotes, they're filling a niche, best defense is keep small pets indoors at night.


I just rescued a cat on Child Street that had been mauled by some large animal, and one of my neighbors told me he had seen a coyote on our street recently.


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