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So, I'm sort of new to JP...moved here in August from the south shore.  and I come from a place where neighbors ACTUALLY look out for their neighbors.  So the actions and attitudes of people these days is baffling to me.  On NUMEROUS occasions of trying to shovel out my car on a one-way road in JP, drivers actually get frustrated that you can't move any further off the road. 

Just today, while standing ankle-deep on my street trying to shovel the slush from around my car so I could get to work, people were driving SO fast down the street, thus splashing unmercilessly.  One guy in a black SUV, after I urged him to slow down please, actually floored the gas, sped up and splashed me from waist to toes...ruining my coat, my pants, my shoes...all intentionally.  I just don't understand.  How is THIS attitude looking out for your neighbors?  What can we do??  I had to go back into my apartment and change, all the while sobbing, and was of course, then late to work because of this jerkface who has no compassion or human decency. 



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That sucks. Unfortunately there is a certain anonymity and protection people feel in their vehicles; therefore they do things they would never do 'in person'.This boorish behavior really irritates me too. On the bright side - that person has to spend the rest of their lives with themselves, luckily you only encountered them for a brief moment.

You do make a good point, Kevin, I'll admit.  And I do generally feel that this part of the city is full of really great people, and I love it here...but I think this winter hath been the proverbial straw and everyone's just pissed off at each other for it.  And that's just not right.  I certainly didn't cause all this snow (or did I...?)
I love JP, but something about this winter is really bringing out the worst in people.  I think everyone is just frustrated.  I'm sorry someone would do that you... that's pretty horrible.
I am so sorry that you got splashed and ruined your coat.  Some people are in such a big hurry to go nowhere. I've lived in Jamaica Plain for 36 years and it a great place to live. Unfortunately, every city and town has its share of jerks.
If you are finding that traffic on your street is consistently too fast, you can get together with your neighbors and get in touch with you rcity councillors. I've seen it work on some streets that they get signs/lights/traffic calming devices. If you are adamant about it, you can probably make it happen.
Agreed Daniel, things general do happen but you have to push really hard. I suggest that you start with a call to the mayors hotline
In response to the last two replies, adding signs, lights and "traffic calming devices" could be the wrong way to go.
Usually it's the residents who complain the loudest or have the most influence that get these changes made and has little to do with the streets that need changes most. Sometimes changes are made as a political reaction to an isolated event without thought about inconvenience to others.

If you're a driver in Boston (which I am, as well as a biker and pedestrian) you've noticed the the rash of traffic lights, stop signs and one way streets that are popping up on new corners on a monthly basis. In some quarters there is little sympathy for the plight of the Boston driver, but the frustration of stopping and starting, meandering around oneways and waiting at unnecessary red lights takes a toll on a driver's patience.

Not only that, but the increased signage and lights gives our authorities more opportunities to stop and fine us, which could result in intrusion and a sort of over-taxation. Least of all the constant stops and starts does a job on 10-year+ transmissions and brakes etc. "Calming devices" like speed bumps could also damage axles, shocks and chassis'.

Also when you add signs, lights and speed bumps to one street you're likely just diverting traffic to the chumps on the next street over who did not complain loud enough or who do not have a city worker living next to them. As far as I know, JP is the only area in town with speed bumps. I wonder how how these might hinder police, fire and emergency vehicles?
Wow, that totally sucks!!! It's always kind of stunning when people are so deliberately mean. :( I've had some bad experiences with people in the neighborhood, like people parking in my driveway, leaving propane waste (which has to be disposed of specially) and other random garbage, like an old TV (which also has to be called in for pickup) in my yard. I just couldn't understand how people could be so rude!

On the bright side, I've had many positive experiences...for example, some random nice guy stopped to help me shovel out my car once, and another time I got kind of stuck in a snowbank and the guy behind me helped pull me out. My neighbors once helped me shovel my sidewalk because all the shoveling was exacerbating my carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, the other day, a neighbor I hadn't met before saw me moving a coffee table from my car to my house, and helped me bring it to my door. People walking by have offered to help me carry things, like big bags of salt, to my door. Hmm...maybe I just seem really pathetic and people think I need alot of help! Whatever the case, people have been very nice and I have deeply appreciated every kind gesture.

Hi Cindy,

I've had some GREAT experiences too!  My neighbor on one side of my house saw my friend fixing my bumper one night (I'd backed into a snowbank, naturally, and broke a piece off) and my neighbor saw us and brought out a flashlight for us, and introduced himself and invited us to a bbq when summer rolled around.  How nice is that?  But then there's the neighbors on the other side who would get mad about taking "their" spots after they shoveled them out even though it was past that 48 hour mark.  So it's a tough call.  Overall I think that the weather this winter just made people very cranky.  I love JP! 

I'm so sorry though that people leave garbage in your yard!  that's so strange!  why is it always your yard??  :)



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