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Hi everyone,

I love Beecher park but havent been able to spend so much time in it since getting my second dog- a little dachshund- because all she does is eat the wood chips and makes herself sick.  does anyone have any ideas of what we could do for ground cover in the park that wouldn't be so appetizing?  My only idea is to remove the wood chips and let the earth compact down like it is at the MSPCA park (little Baggins doesnt find much to chew there at all), maybe even try to grow some grass ( I have grass seed).  What does everyone think?





(owner of Jobi and Baggins)

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Thanks for raising this issue, Jack! I have had exactly the same problem with my guy (Parker) for over a year, and haven't been able to come to Beecher at all.

I would definitely start bringing him again if the wood chips were replaced.



Hey, yes I remember when he and Joby used to play together.  Hopefully we can find something good so that he can come back in!

Grass would be gone so fast . Every dog park I've been to in CT that was grass in April/May is mostly enormous dusty dirty spots by June. The Somerville Nunziato park is mostly tamped-down soil (fairly clay-ey) and that's decent, somewhat mud-resistant, but it smells like pee all the time.

This is a great new (ish) place we love, part turf/park clay...

not sure what it is, but pretty good in all weather!

Thanks, this place looks really nice.  I read more about it and they use Stone Dust and Astroturf.  Stone dust is like crushed gravel and clay, apparently it will stay put on the ground once you lay it.  It doesnt look too expensive either, could be an option...


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