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We've got some work to do this weekend to begin breaking down the two trees that fell. Our plan is to trim down the trees to reclaim as much space as we can on our own. I'm reaching out to Arbor Tree Care to see if they can help us with the larger branches and trunk.


Let's get together this Saturday 1/15 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please bring saws, hatchets, gloves, and what ever else you think we might need. 


Special thanks to Jen Jones from JP K9 who went to Home Depot this morning to get fencing and repaired the hole in the fence the roots made when the large tree fell - Thank you Jen!


Kindly reply to let us know if you'll be joining us. Dog Walkers - It would be greatly appreciated if you joined us. All - we need a strong showing so please recruit some neighbors and friend to come with you! 


Here are some pictures I took in the park this morning so you can see what we'll be working with.

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Will there be work for those of us who don't own sharp cutting implements?
I think we may be purchasing saws for people to use. We're gonna need a bunch.
Hi guys, I can do some chainsaw work tomorrow morning, Sunday morning, and Monday.  Will get in there before everyone else as it will not be safe for me to be chainsawing with others in close proximity.  Should be able to get the trees cut up with a few hours of work.  Any thoughts on what to do with the wood?  Stack in the park and let dry so folks can use as firewood next winter?

Awesome. I'll be there to help as needed and keep people and dogs out of the park.


Cool.  See you then.
sorry i won't be available to help out and thank you to those who will.  we played in the snow around the fallen tree on was a blast.  picnic table looks intact.  canopy is toast.


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