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Beecher Parkers,

I've got great news: We've raised $1,125.00 and there is still time to make a donation. Donate now - 

The park clean up is this Saturday, April 30 from 11am to 2pm and BBQ is from 2 to 3:30.

The park is a mess so we need a really REALLY strong showing to pull this off. 

What we will be doing:

- Erecting a new canopy the dog walkers purchased for the park!

- Repairing and restraining the wooden fence and gate

- Repaired the wire fence where the tree fell

- Hauling out all the branches (the city is coming to pick them up)

- Raking the the wood chips aways from the edges and towards the center

- Pick up poop. Yay!- Getting our grub on.


Special thank you to: 

- Polka Dog Bakery for the $500.00 donation and to 

- Jen McLaughlin from Strut your Pup for organizing the dog walker donations for the new canopy. 

- Individual donors: Diana Matthew, Sarah, Nikki, Mindy, Stephen, Julia, Elias, Rebecca, Joshua, Jackson, Laura, and Stephen.

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Dude! You gotta stop scheduling this stuff when I'm out of town!



You gotta stop scheduling stuff out of town!!

I have a commitment at 11-1.30 pm but id like to do my part for the park, so im going to come before 11 with a rake and rake some wood chips and pick up some poop (yey!). Might be able to make it to the bbq later on.


A quick note/correction:  The cleanup actually starts at 11:00 a.m., not 10:00 as the title of this states.  Hope to see you all there!
great time and great show of support.  glad i could be there for some of it but missed the best part - the bbq!  hope we can have another one sometime.  i'll bring the beer!


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