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Hi dog owners,

I'm new to the area and we are going out of town for a wedding over the Labor Day weekend.  Our one year old Italian mastiff is not spayed yet.  We were thinking of getting her fixed and having her board with the vet while we are gone, as we don't know anyone who can watch her.  

Is there anyone you can recommend who might offer these services?

Thanks, Mai 

I was in touch with Kelly, but it isn't going to work out.. ( i just re-read my previous post)
I have also heard MSPCA is a bit over priced.

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MSPCA-Angell is my regular vet (although I haven't used them for boarding). I also haven't used any other vet in the area, I'm pretty satisfied with Angell. I haven't done a price comparison, but once you get some other recommendations, you could just call for prices for what you need.
Thank you.

I stand corrected for sure! I've been calling around and MSPCA seems to be very reasonable considering the size and age of our dog. I think we'll go with them. Thank you for your help.
For Vets: I swear by Amy Johnson at JP Animal Clinic on Green St. She lives in the neighborhood, too. Not a fan of Angell.

Boarding: We've used DoggieDay on Tremont in the South End. There are some pretty bad reviews online, but we have always had good experiences over the 2+ years we've used them. They also don't breed-discriminate, they took great care of our "special-needs" pit bull.

Brookline Dog Clinic on Brookline Ave also offers vet and boarding services. Don't know anything about them, but they are close.
To add more info: average stay is $40-$50 for overnights in the area. A great vet is Dr. Looby in Medford actually. It's a bit of a drive but they are the most wonderful vets you can ask for. 781-488-4789 is their number. You might just want to wait to spay until you're back so that you can get a vet you like.

You can always ask Woof-It owner Greg if his folks can drive your dog to the vet for the appt. They feed our cats, get our mail, etc. while we are away and can probably run errands for the cost of their time.
A great resource for cheap shots and whatnot is the Merwin Free Animal Clinic in Allston, MA. It's volunteer-run, has desultory hours, and there's usually a wait, but the people are great, and there's always a good show while waiting. According to Yelp, you can get referrals through them for spayin/neutering at a discount.


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