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We're trying to feature the best products and produce we can source in our stores, whether it's local, organic or just plain conventional. So what do you consider to be more important in your purchasing decision: whether a product is locally grown/produced (either conventional or organic) or whether it is organic/natural regardless of where it's from. I'd love to hear your thoughts as we're always seeking to bring your input in how we do what we do!

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I also prioritize local over organic. For foods that are never local (oranges, avocados, coffee, bananas) I only buy organic. (thank you for having fairly traded bananas by the way.)
We Love the FairTrade products! Unfortunately there isn't much available to us as far as more FairTrade produce, but check out the FT coffee, tea, and chocolates that we offer.
This is something I think about a lot! Overall, I'd say I prefer something that is local to something that is organic. However, if there is an apple from Boston that is conventional and an organic apple from NY, I would probably go for the organic one from NY because of the potential for scary GMO-ness. Unless I know the local conventional farmer and know of his or her practices. Perhaps it would be fun to have a panel of local farmers come in to explain their farming practices. Or even a brief description of the farm or product. Thank you for starting this discussion!
I like your ideas, stay tuned for more on farmer info. We will be carrying ALOT of local produce come growing season as we continue to partner up with more and more of the local farms.
Definitely local! We do a lot of our shopping at City Feed and think it is one of the best things about JP:) The more local goods the better! Looking at sites like, it seems like there are a lot of local farmers out there... I'm wondering if it would be possible to bring even more home-grown/made products, maybe in smaller quantities as they were available? I know I'd buy them! Also, if you could give us more info about the farms that supply the products, that would be awesome (like the glass bottled milk from Milton for example). Just a couple suggestions:)
I always prefer organic! If the product is local and organic, then of course I would purchase the local. However, if local products are non organic then they are most likely grown in soil that is treated with pesticides and other chemicals. So I would always choose an organic product from anywhere over a local non organic product for that reason. Buying organic is not only about my health but is also about the health of the earth and it's soil, water ect., and the people who pick the crops. We should be concerned with helping and encouraging our local farmers to grow organic fruits and produce!


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