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Hey All!  I just joined this forum.  I've been living in JP for the past 10 years or so and run a dance studio ( that has classes in Charlestown.  The same location that boston swing central ( runs its dance.  Anyway, one of our students pointed out that this dance group existed and has been trying to talk us into expanding to include classes in JP.  So I guess my post has two purposes.  One is to say we exist, Lindy Hopping is super fun, and you can come to our studio in Charlestown (which is right off the Sullivan square stop of the orange line).  The second is to mention that we have our eye into one day expanding to offer Lindy Hop classes in JP.  Actually, 6 of our teachers currently live in JP.

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I would love to see swing classes offered here in JP, Shawn! Spontaneous Celebrations is a wonderful venue, if you're looking for the right spot to hold classes.  

Great!  Thanks for the info.  I'll have to get in touch with Spontaneous Celebrations at some point to see what days they are free and how much it would cost to rent the space.


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