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I had intended to get this follow up out the door much sooner...thanks for your patience. 

Thanks to all of you (about 30) who showed up at the meeting last Thursday 11/11 at Bella Luna Milky Way. We did some hard work and produced great and powerful action items. 

Please carefully review the following. Let me know if I need to add or detract anything. 

As a group we decided to take three actions:
  1. Help coordinate addressing immediate and ongoing support and volunteer needs of organization serving youth. 
  2. Organize a process to coordinate a stipend paying youth snow shoveling program
  3. Flush out how to involve ALL community stakeholders especially those directly involved or affected by violence in understanding and determining what will best address the roots and symptoms of violence. 
  4. Identify what we are going to measure. 

Please take note: 
- The snow shoveling group will create their own group.
- The youth services coordination and framework development team will use this group. 

If you did not make the meeting, jump in anywhere you'd like. 

Youth Services Coordination Team: Addressing Immediate & Ongoing Needs
  • Lillie Thompson
  • Kevin Rainsford
  • Joseph Porcelli
Group Next Steps:
- Determine who are the organizations currently serving youth (Joseph's Asset Map)
- Determine the needs of support and volunteers needs of organizations serving youth
- Message and the support and volunteer needs and to NFN membership and community partners
- Serve as clearing house to have support and volunteers needs met

Coordinators Next Steps:
- Review Joseph's JP Asset Map
- Amend JP Asset Map with help from Bob Francis, Betsy Cowen, with Brent A, Officer William Jones, and Patricia "Pattie" Knight for input. 

Restorative Justice Team: Snow Shoveling Program for Youth
  • Bonnie Rovicks
  • Alex Cook
  • Chris Helms
  • Azin Nezami
  • Jessica Hays
  • Joseph Porcelli
Next Steps: 
- Bonnie to create working group on NFN 
- Group to meet to discuss next steps

Framework Development Action Team: Effectively involving those directly involved and affected in understanding and addressing the roots and symptoms of violence. 
  • Rodney Singleton
  • Betsy Cowen
  • Bob Francis
  • Joseph Porcelli
Next Steps:
- Joseph to read 7 Steps program Rodney suggested
- Group to coordinate dinner for group members to discuss next steps

Metrics Team: What we want to measure
  • Anna Sandoval
  • Joseph Porcelli
Next Steps:
- Anna and Joseph meet. 

Here are notes that Jonathan and Cheryl took. 

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