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NFN Framework For Action Preliminary Meeting

Exploring the roots and symptoms of crime and violence

6:30 to 8 pm, Bella Luna Milky Way (287 Amory Street) November 11, 2010



AGENDA: 6:30 to 8:00 pm.


  1. Intention
    1. Educate and Empower Neighbors – Short and Long Term Engagement.
    2. Where we want to take Neighbors for Neighbors – More about Action then Information.
    3. The Framework for Action – The process is more important.
    4. Our Neighborhood. Your action.
  2. Introductions - Name and Vision for Neighborhood 1 Min Each
  3. Helpers – Time and Tangent Cop and Note Takers
  4. Proposed Concept/Overview  - Acceptance?
  5. Framework
    1. Values
    2. Discussion Questions
    3. Proposed Timeline (Short Term):
    4. Framework for Action Group
  6. Action Items





We are united neighbors, organizers, and civil servants who live, work or serve in Boston.


Our objectives are to educate, call to action, facilitate, and empower all neighbors, organizers, and civil servants in Jamaica Plain and ultimately in the City of Boston to proactively, holistically, and collaboratively address
the roots and symptoms of crime and violence.


The outcomes we will produce are neighborhoods where neighbors know the names of their neighbors and those who serve them, are safe and happy, have access to services and share resources, and feel motivated to proactively
contribute to each other’s quality of life


Our objectives and outcomes will be met by hosting a series of community meetings we will work guided by the Neighbors for Neighbors Framework For Action which includes five components: Discuss, Plan, Act, Evaluate, and Replicate. Specific actions
will be determined, lead, and acted on by members. Neighbors for Neighbors will
serve to facilitate and support this process online at, at
meetings, and as request as capacity and resources allow.



Discuss. Plan. Act. Evaluate. Replicate.



Values: What are our values and for whom?








Discuss Questions: For tonight and what we will repeat with larger group


§  What are the
roots and symptoms of the problem we want to address?

§  What data is
available to help us make informed choices on how to proceed?

§  Who or what
organizations are currently addressing these problems or opportunities?

§  Which other stakeholders
must be engaged?

§  What strategies
and tactics have been effective at addressing these problems or opportunities?

§  What have we
learned from the past?

§  What are the
opportunities and impacts that could be made?

§  What are the
cultural, economic, social, and political forces at play?

§  Are their short,
medium, and long-term phase components?

§  What are our

§  Is authority
needed and from whom?

§  What's in our
control vs outside?

§  What federal,
state, and municipal policies and budgets and are helping and hindering
addresses these issues.

§  What supports do
the people and organizations who are already address these issues need and how
can we support them?

§  What behaviors
and actions can neighbors contribute towards our vision?


Proposed Timeline (Short Term):


1.    DISCUSS –

2.    PLAN:

3.    ACT:

4.    EVALUATE: March

5.    REPLICATE: ?


Framework for Action Working Group:


§  Join it -


Action Items:


§  What should we
do next?

§  Who is going to
do what and by when?


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