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Last night around 11:00 pm, while driving down Sheridan Street, I was flagged down by one of our neighbors who had just been mugged. She described her assailants as 3 African American males, approximately 20+ years old, wearing black jackets with hoods. The Police Arrived promptly.

She was walking home alone from the T and passed her assailants. They then turned around and followed, then mugged her. No weapons were shown.

She threw her wallet and phone at them and got away - which was a smart thing to do. She was not hurt.

When coming home late a night, when possible walk with others, have someone pick you up, or take a cab. Please call 911 to report suspicious behavior and crime.


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This is so Sad

I spotted four similarly dressed young men who, to my eye, seemed to be acting suspiciously, the night before in the same area of Chestnut and Paul Gore/Bleecher/Sheridan on the way back from the gym at about 9pm. I called the police. I guess the group is still there.

Keep calling


Is there a specific number you call to report suspicious activity? Or do you call 911? Just wondering what I should tell my other neighbors.

911 Worked fine.
The crime map shows a robbery at Chestnut & Wyman two nights ago as well...
So....perhaps Chestnut can be patrolled more frequently? Its very difficult not to walk/bike/drive via Chestnut of you live in this area. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Hey Erin,

BPD is aware of this incidents and is taking action.

I think we need to 1) get flyers out and 2) convene a meeting.

How about Monday night at 7:30. I can host be my place is not that big. Any one got room? Pat?

you can always use my place! I think the free whistle would also prove useful!

Cool. So Monday night, 7:30 pm, work for you?
Monday 7.30 it is
Hey All

The meeting is being held at my place 75 Forbes Street starting at 7,30pm. It is particularly targeted at those living on or close to Chestnut Ave and will be aimed at organizing to deal with this problem. By the way I have both cats and a very well behaved dog. If either or both are a problem let me know and I will quarantine them in their respective rooms.



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