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Been a lot of police presence 24 hrs. a day for few days on our street. Anybody know what's up? They have not notifyed neighbors of what's been happening as far as I know,

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Actually I just spoke to the officers tonight asking the same question. They said that someone in the Custer Estate condo building had been threatened and they were on 24 hour patrol to make sure that the person who had threatened wasn't hanging around. That's all they said they could share. The officers seemed pretty relaxed, though, and I haven't come across any weird behavior.
No that's strange. I haven't heard anything (we live on St. Rose St.)
Thanks. Tonight they have upped it to 3 or 4 guys standing on the street and cars parked with officers all about. Must be a dangerous person. Hope all is safe.
I only saw 2 officers out there, one was taking over the shift from the other one. I don't think it is that serious, they are just doing due diligence.
They come and go. My widows face them so I can't help but see the comings and goings. Sorry for whoever is being threatened.


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