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Hi Kendra,

We got this cookbook as a gift for our wedding and it has become our go-to cookbook. We call it "the book" or "the bible". In all truth, though, anything done by Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen is great because they show you how they came to the decision of what is "the best recipe" for any given dish. Really cool. Here's a link to the particular one that we have:

Have fun cooking!
Carolina Ave
I love Cook's Illustrated!! Their cookbooks are the best because they test all the recipes first.
I like this one because it has an image for EVERY recipe inside and they are quick and easy. It is also broken down by season which is nice when you are looking for something hearty in the winter and light in the summer

Link to buy on Amzaon:

I also subscribe to the Everyday Food monthly magazine and it is GREAT!
Great ideas! Keep 'em coming...

That looks so yummy!
Again and again I go back to the Molly Katzen cookbooks. The Enchanted Broccoli Forrest and The Moosewood Cookbook have been staples for funky dishes without the typical meat/veg/starch separates.


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