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Hello everyone,

I just sent this message to members of the group, but I thought I would also post it as a discussion thread.

I am currently recruiting members of our group to take a online course, Start a School 101, taught by Jerry Mintz, director of the Alternative Education Resource Organization and designed specifically "to help educators assess the feasibility and find the resources required to turn the dream of a school into a sustainable and nurturing
educational environment."

The course fee is $1,000, but Jerry has generously offered to allow a group of us to take the course together for ONE registration fee.  Our group would submit one written assignment for feedback each week, but otherwise we would all have access to course materials, lessons, etc.  I believe these assignments are draft planning documents so it actually makes sense for us to submit them as a group, since this will promote collaboration and consensus building among the group.

I am definitely planning to take the course and will cover the fee up front, but I am looking to recruit additional folks to take the course with me and spread the cost.  This will also be a great way for us to begin the planning process in earnest.  The course begins September 27, 2010 so please contact me ASAP if you are interested in taking the course.


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