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Hi. I sheepishly admit that I would really love to have help digging out my car on Forbes Street. It's been stuck there the past few storms. But if it's too much, I'm even willing to pay someone to come in and do it for me. At this point I can't do it on my own. Thanks! Not sure if I can leave my private contact info here, so please send me a message if interested.


Nancy Barron

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Hey Nancy, 

If you meet the criteria, we'll include you in our Crew for tomorrow night. Please fill out this form. 


Even if you don't meet the criteria, this is not to say, someone would not help you. I just need to honor our group guidelines to include you in our official efforts. 


Of course. I will fill out the form now. Thanks very much!



You're welcome Neighbor!
The link I used was bad. Use this one.


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