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Hello all,

I live at 7 Weld Hill St in Forest Hills and I want to thank with my whole heart the team that came out last night, Wed, to clean off and around my car. You did a fantastic job and I can't thank you enough.  I also want to thank the gentleman who came by Tuesday night to shovel - thank you!

I have bulging discs in my lower back that cause me pain 24 hrs/day.  I was supposed to go to have another test today to determine which of my discs need to be operated on, however I rescheduled due to the weather. 

Because my discs and back are in such bad shape, I am not able to do any shoveling.  I am so thankful that there are angels such as you all.  Your willingness to help total strangers is heart warming and restores my faith!

Thank you,  Patty


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