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Hey Neighbors,

It looks like a lot of snow is head towards Boston on Friday. Let's start getting ready!

Here is what we need to put in place to pull this off:

Volunteer to be a Shoveler:

  1. We need a least 50 people per neighborhood to sign up to volunteer to shovel by 6 pm on Thursday. Only the neighborhoods who have enough people registered will be dug out. 

Volunteer to be a Communicator:

  1. We need at least 6 people to volunteer on Friday and Saturday to call people back who leave messages (that will be forwarded to your email address) requesting help plotting what they need shoveled if the don't have internet access. 
  2. We need one person per neighborhood to call the churches and senior centers to spread the word of this service.
  3. We need people to continuously help recruit more volunteer shovelers on twitter, facebook, and pinterest. Please share our facebook page posts and #snowcrew tweets. 

What I need from you this evening:

How many of you who helped out in the past still want to help out?

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I'm in. How do I know where to go? Will it be listed here?

Hey Jack,

Thanks so much for joining us. We are still gearing up the technical side but you can see things plotted at it at

Sit tight and I will be back in touch with the group.


I'm good for Saturday. Working the phones and/or the shovel.    


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