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Given the great feedback from last nights SnowCrew team call (thanks to those of you who joined), we will again be dispatching people out in three teams: Upper Central, Lower Central, and Forest Hills.

Each team will be lead by a team leader - who wants to volunteer to lead? Reply to my text request.

Teams will meet and start shoveling the first location at 6:30 pm. Once locations are shoveled, team leaders will coordinate where to meet for warm beverages!

Please communicate with us via text about which team you want to join.

We will send out team missions request around 4 pm, please reply promptly with which team you want to join. Team leader requests will go out in a few minutes. 


SouthCrew: Meet at 6:30 @ 98 Day Street

  • 98 Day St - (Sidewalk front and side, Front Step)
  • 51 Boylston - (Honda Civic 78DW72 silver)

Forest Hills Crew: Meet at 6:30 pm. @ 7 Weld Hill

  • 7 Weld Hill St - (Toyota Corolla Red 287-HLR)
  • 58 Eldrich - (Vehicle 76LA08 - 02130) 

Upper Central Crew: Meet at 6:30 pm @ 14 Pond Street Handicap Spot

  • 14 Pond St - (Handicap Parking Space and Vehicle - Vehicle Honda civic, purple, HP795G)
  • 21 Starr - (Walkway and Sidewalk)
  • 14 John Andrew - (Subaru Legacy, dark blue, 625JS6)

Lower Central Crew: Meet at 6:30 pm @ 85 Rockview

  • 85 Rockview - (Walkway, Sidewalk, Front Steps)
  • 91 Robinwood Ave - (Driveway, Front Walk, Front Porch)
  • 804 Centre - (Cars and Parking Spots 12 and 14 in parking lot)

Afterward, team leaders will coordinate where to go for warm beverages!

You can find the map at

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Note changes:

Added South Crew
Swapped Crews for 804 Centre and 14 John Andrew
I am off today (Adult snow day! yippee) and can do some shoveling if need be!



1) Tell customers that we will not salt since we have none. They should salt, or we can do it if they provide it. Especially relevant right now since everything is freezing.

2) Also tell them that we will not scrape their car windows since we don't have proper scrapers. This will also discourage shovelers from using their shovels to scrape snow from cars (can easily scratch paint). However, we can remove excess snow with our gloves. 

3) We also don't have hoes or other things for breaking through hard ice, so we can't get down to the pavement if there is pre-existing ice.


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