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Dear Neighbor,

I am writing this post to inform with much anger and disappointment that our car was broken into, not sure when exactly as the car has been parked outside for a week or so. I noticed it Friday morning (11/13/09) when taking out the trash.

The hood and the two front doors of our Toyota Camry were opened. It seems they tried to take the car but thankfully the security system kicked in and the engine locked. They tampered with the alarm as it did not go off. All CDs, GPS, lotions, checkbook and strangely enough the car registration was taken. The local police, car insurance and our bank have been informed.

My family and I have lived in the Woodbourne Neighborhood since 2006 and this is the first time this has come about. My wife has been unable to sleep and so myself, some lowlife out there has our information. We do have a home security alarm system, however I am much uneasy as my wife is usually left home with my three kids while I work long hours at my job.

Any suggestions and any other parties that I should inform that I might have missed, please feel free to let me know.

I wanted to make everyone aware so we can all be on the alert


Daniel Perez Lacera
JP Neighborhood Council At-Large
39 Northbourne Road

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This is my first post to this list as I joined yesterday.

I live on Eastland Road, and my car was broken into as well. This happened sometime between this past Wednesday and Friday. I know of several other neighbors who have also had their cars broken into in the past 10 days. In most of these instances -- including mine -- personal items were stolen but no damage was done to the car and it did not appear that the thief or thieves had attempted to steal the cars. I reported the theft to the E-13 police, and they sent someone over to file a report. Other neighbors have reported mixed responses from the police. Our neighborhood is definitely being targeted right now.
Thanks Daniel. My boyfriend and I live nearby on Wachusett. Our Honda Civic was stolen just over a year ago. Once they found it some items were taken but it appears it was stolen mainly for a joy ride.

We live in an urban environment in desperate times; things like this happen. I don't think our neighborhood is being targeted. All I can say is never leave anything valuable in your car, have a good insurance policy, and a good car alarm.


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