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I'm writing to invite you to a unique workshop tonight that explores where guns that are used in crime come from, and ironically, a celebration of life on a young neighbor who's life was taken aby a gun, a couple of months ago.

Please see the end of this post for an important notice about being notified of new discussions on the network.

Where do crime guns come from?

Tonight, at the Julia Martin House (by Stop and Shop), from 6 to 8 pm, I am hoping you'll join me at the Traffic Jam - Where do crime guns come from? workshop.

Traffick Jam Citizens Workshops bring local residents and police together to raise awareness of the “Iron Pipeline” that supplies guns used in crime. Learn how police track guns, where they come from, and what we can do right now to make our community safer. I've been to one of these workshops and they are incredibly informative and highly suggest you make this event.

Celebration of Life

On Saturday, at 1:00 PM, we've been invited to a Celebration of Life - Luis Troncoso Memorial Celebration. This is a very important event for us to attend. We have an opportunity to demonstrate to our neighbors who've been effected by violence, that we care, value them as human beings and neighbors, and wish to establish friendships with them. It's also going to be lots of fun and Neighbors for Neighbors is co sponsor of this event.

New Discussion Notification

If you been wondering why you have not been getting notices from discussions posted to the forums or from groups you belong to, it's because you must choose to be notified when new discussions are posted.

Here is how:

In the forums
Go to
At the bottom of the page click "Notify me. Email me when there are new discussions."

In groups you belong to:
Go the group(s) you want to be notified when there are new discussions.
Click on "View All" beneath the discussion section
Click "Notify me. Email me when there are new discussions."

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