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Do stuff with and for your neighbors



Number 1: Participate in the Neighbors for Neighbors Community Organizing Expo on Wed. March 11, 7 to 9 pm at the Milky Way.

Meet neighbors and local organizations that share your interests! Join an existing group or better yet, start your own!

RSVP here:
Reserve a spot for your group now:
Volunteer to help us promote and run the Expo:
See what groups that already exist:

Number 2. Reflect on what you care about:

Neighbors for Neighbors provides a community blog to you can reflect on happenings in Jamaica Plain. We encourage you to use the blog to share your passions, visions, and concerns big and small. This is a great engage people in what you care about expand you horizon through other peoples perspectives!

Post a blog entry here: and then click on "Add a Blog Post".

Number 3: Find what you are looking for!

Perhaps a roommate, recipe, electrician, a ride to Montreal?

Start or reply to a discussion in the forums:

Number 4: Share your photos, videos, or produce a live show!

There are so many wonderful people, places, and things in JP. Share your favorite photos and videos with your neighbors! If you have a webcam you can event produce a live TV Show!

Add a photo: then click "Add a Photo"
Upload a video: then click "Add a Video"
Produce a live TV show go to: then follow the instructions

Number 5: Promote an event or meeting!

We encourage you to use the Events feature to tell your neighbors about an upcoming events and meetings that's important to you.

Post an event: then click "Add an Event"


Neighbors for Neighbors and our neighorhood network is like a river bed. You are like the rain that fills the river. When you organize with us, you direct the currents and path of the river. It is these current that make our neighborhood connected, powerful, and fun. Bring on the rain!

Thanks for being my inspiration!

Yours in service,

Joseph Porcelli -

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