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A Con that's happening in JP | "Can you help pay for my car to be towed?"

I have been approached 3 times now by a well-dressed African American woman asking me for money to help her pay for a tow truck because her car broke-down. Each time she claimed that her car was a few blocks away and that she left her little kids in the car. The first time I was approached by her on Centre street across from one of the gas stations. She asked for a specific amount of money, $4.50. I turned her down and suggested she go across the street to the gas station to ask for help. The next two times I was approached by her while I was walking near or out of the Brewery complex and heading towards my car. I turned her down those two times and said I had heard this story from her before. The third time, I saw her walk up to a car with a young man at the wheel and bang on his window with some force. It seemed to scare him (much as it did me each time she approached me) and I didn't stick around for much longer to see what transpired. Each time this occurred in the mid-evening, 8-9pm. I have heard similar stories from several other folks and wanted to post about it, because people should not be helping her. I'm not sure if there is any crime in what she does but it is jarring and can be a little frightening if you are not paying close enough attention to what she's saying.

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Comment by Eric on February 18, 2010 at 9:54am
Yeah, I've had the same interaction with her in Hyde Square, same story about kids in the car, tow truck etc., probably end of last summer? Her story doesn't carry much logical sense when you ask her follow-up questions which gives it away that it's a scam. I would say she's in her 40s?
Comment by Mimi Kantor on February 17, 2010 at 7:45pm
Thanks..I'll do that.
Comment by Sgt. Eric Krause on February 17, 2010 at 6:57pm
Please call this in to 911 the next time you see her. Try to get the best description possible such as age, height and clothing.

Sgt. Eric Krause
Area E-13 Community Service Office

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