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Black pitbull dog roaming JP this evening (May 6)

Hi all,

Just saw a large black pitbull roaming up Chestnut (from Mozart in the direction of Stony Brook) about half an hour ago (6:15ish). I called Animal Control who said they'd "see if they could send someone out," and MSPCA and ARL were closed/not answering phones when I called.

Keep an eye out so we can help get that guy/gal home and also make sure our neighbors are safe!

He didn't seem aggressive - didn't hear any growling/barking and I saw him walk past a couple people with no fuss. When I was closer to him, he was definitely on alert in a way that may have been curiosity or nervousness.

If you see him/are able to call Animal Control with an updated location of the dog, the # is: 617-635-5348.

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